Too much technology, not enough human interaction

June 20, 2017

Do you remember when the simplest things in life brought us enjoyment? Something as simple as balloons tied to our bike, blowing in the wind behind us, as we laughed and had a blast? Yeah, neither do I. The picture attached here is a simple reminder that we don't always need fancy digital displays always attached to our hands to drive brand recognition and customer engagement. Sometimes the simple things are what drive people.  Out of every single event we have ever sponsored, been partnered, or shipped out, our balloons have always brought a smile, a laugh, and amazement at our wow factor. 
I listened to a podcast stating "Sometimes by finding the most advanced pieces of technology only allows for more technology to create roadblocks and inconsistent messages." I started working with Haus of Hooray and did a very particular study on local tradeshows. One thing stood out. There was absolutely zero older ways to impress clients. All booths scattered with high definition televisions, tablets, and surround sound systems more fit for a movie theater, rather than building real relationships and giving people a reason to remember you. 
I silently stood to the side in regular workout cloths at our local LA Fitness, while we had balloons at their front counter for their closeout event. I told the GM Jason Hornaday, traditional balloons don't cut it anymore. People don't care because they see them everywhere. They bring zero excitement and they haven't been changed.  
Now high end technology is the normal and people know exactly what to expect. Are we blown away now by a 50" ultra thin HD display with a typical presentation? Absolutely not. So as I watched silently, Jason was blown away by the amount of people inquiring about our balloons, at a gym. Where people go to workout. In the most challenging of places, our balloons stole the show. Jason handed out the entire stack of business cards we gave him in 2 days.  Had a closing rate of 100% of 13 new clients, shattering his previous best of 8. Why? Because we deliver a completely custom product that takes an ancient product and revolutionized it into something new and exciting, that drove brand recognition and a smile from the start.
Sometimes the simplest things in life can and will drive customer interaction and brand recognition. Our philosophy is simply this, you're one smile away from a hand shake, human interaction, and potential client.